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Ø125 DESIGN is an initiative of the Dutch architect Lars Bouwman to create design products out of waste material from the civil engineering industry.

The first realised product is the Ø125 DESIGN PVC LAMP. The lamp is made out of residual pieces of Ø125 gray PVC pipes. These pipes are normally used for the construction of the sewerage system. Residual pieces are collected to construct the lamp.
The idea came during the work of the designer for the civil engineering industry. Normally the PVC pipe material disappears underneath the ground. In this way the material plays with the light that reflects on the smooth PVC material while hanging on the ceiling.  
The lamp is constructed out of 17 pieces of pipe. Three lights are made in three tubes. A special shape arises from the collection of different pipe lengths. The shape looks different from every side.
The first constructed lamp is integrated  in the new interior space of the civil engineering company the AW GROEP in Lisse, also designed by Lars Bouwman.